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Namco Announces Worthwhile Compilation Set

RidgeracerIt looks like another company is getting on board the PSOne-games -released-for-the-PS2.  Last week Capcom made news with its collection of retro classics and this week it's Namco's turn.  Namco has announced Nam Collection, a compilation of five classic Sony PlayStation games re-released as part of the company's fiftieth anniversary.  IGN has the news that Ridge Racer, Mr. Driller, Tekken, Ace Combat 2, and Klonoa are on their way back to stores on a single disc.  Japan gets it this June.

Namco has the right idea here.  While Capcom's compilations have been a single disc full of what is basically all the same game (all Mega Man or all Ghosts 'n Goblins), Namco's adding a little variety to their set.  Namco's also including a Museum Mode for good measure, although apparently it includes gameplay movies of experts having a turn at Ridge Racer, etc.  No making-of materials?  No advertising galleries?  C'mon Namco, I'm praising you on this decision and you drop the ball in the "extras" department?  Step up and show Capcom how it's done.