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Metroid Prime Turned Inside-Out

SamusThere are game reviews and then there are complete game analyses.  Someone by the name of "fondue" has written a complete analysis of 2002's Nintendo GameCube modern classic Metroid Prime.  Fondue covers the typical territory of a game review, but also delves into how the game fits with the rest of the Metroid universe, how Samus Aran's arsenal provides players with unique abilities, and explores the varying conditions of each area of Tallon IV and how they come together to form the Prime experience.

"The Metroid series always seemed somewhat at odds to the cartoonish, family-friendly vibe shared by most of Nintendo's popular franchises. The games have a brooding atmosphere heightened by Hip Tanaka's stark, synthetic-sounding musical score. The Metroid games are 'platform adventures'- instead of following a linear, unidirectional path through the game world, the player is able (and required) to explore the world non-linearly."

I love articles like this, articles that dig a little deeper beyond the typical game review style and actually go into detail on how elements in a game come together to form something larger than the sum of its parts.  My interest is snagged everytime I come across something like this.