Xbox: The "X" Is For X-plode
Time Picks Five

Live In Your World. Steal From Ours.

PspGameSpot is reporting that a man in Charlotte, Virginia helped himself to twelve - count 'em - twelve brand new PlayStation Portable units from the storeroom of a local GameStop just as the boxes were being unloaded and processed.  When questioned by an employee on his way out, the unidentified man tried to knock the employee's glasses off her face and just kept walking out of the store.  The thief remains at large.

Free investigation tip: look on eBay for a seller from or near Charlotte, Virginia with twelve - count 'em - twelve brand new PSPs for sale at outrageous prices.

I would hate to be the GameStop employees that are running the midnight sale tonight.  Imagine having to explain to twelve irate customers why the store is twelve PSPs short.  If you're one of the twelve unlucky people who don't get your pre-ordered PSP from the Charlotte GameStop tonight, don't worry.  I hear there's a guy from your area on eBay selling (now this is a coincidence) twelve brand new PSPs.