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IGNcube's Nintendo Revolution "FAQ"

Mario_1 IGN's GameCube division has an updated Nintendo Revolution FAQ today that supposedly answers all those burning questions about Nintendo's next console, i.e. will it be more advanced than the GameCube (yes), will it be backwards compatible with the GameCube (yes), what is the Revolution's favorite food (lemon marshmallow pie), etc.  Get past the fluff, however, and you'll find actual real definitive information such as this:

Q: What is so special about Revolution?

A: Not yet known, but the console's revolutionary new mechanic may go hand-in-hand with its input device, which may no longer look or function like today's controllers. In a March 2005 interview with BusinessWeek, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted that Revolution's new input device was still incomplete, and that multiple ideas were still being tossed around.

Q: Will the Revolutionary input device be a microphone?

A: Unlikely. Nintendo has stated on the record that while microphone-to-game mechanics are intriguing, competitors have already capitalized on them.

But I kid IGN on this one.  There's really not a lot of final information floating around out there yet thanks to Nintendo's secrecy vault.  Get past the Q&A section for the real meat of the article, a summary of the major players in Nintendo's camp for the next generation.  It's more of a history lesson than a look to the future as the accomplishments of various development teams are highlighted.  Still, it's good to know that the team responsible for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is on board.  It all wraps up with a look at some of the Revolution rumors bouncing around out there.  You won't learn anything amazing in this piece, but it's a nice recap of the events leading up to what will hopefully be a preview of Nintendo's plans at E3 in May of this year.