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Yoshi Download & Go

YoshiNintendo has opened the little mini website for the Nintendo DS title Yoshi Touch & Go.  There's not much to it, unfortunately.  There's just a few gameplay videos, some downloadable wallpapers, and a brief description of the game.  The site does have a neat gimmick though.  Users have to click and drag the onscreen stylus around menu selections to activate them instead of just clicking on them, mirroring how the game itself is played.  Just for fun even Yoshi himself can be circled, causing him to toss an egg at a nearby Fly Guy.  The biggest disappointment is that there isn't a small Flash mini game based on the actual DS title.  A lot of players seem to view Yoshi as little more than a $30 tech demo, so providing a little free taste of the gameplay would have been nice to get players hooked on the concept.  Maybe next time.