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Oh Snap! DS Camera Debunked

Time Picks Five

Time032305 This week's issue of Time features an article titled "5 Video Games Worth Sore Thumbs" in which columnist Lev Grossman picks five video games, well, worth sore thumbs.  God of War, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and The Matrix Online are three of the games spotlighted.  Another article in this issue, "The 'Gotta Have It' Gadget", highlights the PlayStation Portable and how the kids are just loving it.

It's refreshing to see a respected publication such as Time cover video gaming without resorting to mania over video game violence and children killing other children "because of Grand Theft Auto".  The five games and the PSP are covered in such a way as to promote enjoyable entertainment without resorting to shock tactics and poor reporting (even if the PSP article is a little heavy on the pro-Sony gushing).  Kudos to Time for not forcing an issue where it doesn't belong.