Inside The PSP Box
Katamari, Baten Kaitos, and Xenosaga Stay In Japan

Star Fox Speculation has a look at the past and future of the Star Fox franchise in this article, giving readers a brief history lesson of the series and speculating on where future games could take Fox McCloud and his team members.  There are some good ideas in there (most notably involving a more free environment than Star Fox Assault had to offer), but I still maintain that the series needs to continue to evolve in order to remain relevant.  Space shooters are loads of fun, yes, but Fox needs to be able to step outside of his Arwing from time to time.

As I said in the review of Assault for the Advanced Media Network:

"It is important that beloved game franchises continue to grow and change, lest they grow stagnant. Allowing Fox to stand on his own two feet outside of an Arwing is the next phase of evolution for the Star Fox series.  Remember, if Mario had never met Yoshi there would have been no Yoshi’s Island, if Samus Aran had never entered the third dimension there would have been no Metroid Prime, and if Hyrule had never been depicted as a side-scrolling platformer world there would have been no Zelda II: The Adventure of Link."