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Harvest Moon: Adam's Wonderful Life

HarvestmoonAdam Manthes is writing entries in his blog regarding his adventures with Harvest Moon: It's A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo GameCube.  There's something special going on here and although I've never been a fan of the Harvest Moon series, I'm actually tempted to check this one out now; I mean, for $20 why not? 

"After reading the manual it was apparent that I had to marry one of three girls in the town. "SOUL MATE QUEST. One is shy and traditional, another is looking for a man and the third one is intelligent and anything but predictable. Choosing the best wife depends on your personality, so pick the one you like the most-- before someone makes the choice for you!"

I simply don't have the temperament right now to deal with a soul mate quest, and besides, I like the cute archaeologist girl in glasses best, but she's not an option."

Don't waste more time reading my thoughts on this one, just go read his: parts 1, 2, and 3.