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DS To Get Camera?

UPDATE: It's all a hoax.  Damn.

SnapdsAlso in Nintendo DS rumors this evening is the appearance of this logo for something called Snap! DS which some are speculating is for the vaporous camera add-on for the Nintendo DS.  Nintendo's long advocated that the DS's Game Boy Advance slot could be used for more than just playing GBA games (Play-Yan anyone?), so it stands to reason that a camera could attach to the system through this port.  It's unclear what plans Nintendo has, if any, for a camera device for the DS but it could be used for either a traditional digital camera or a game that involves players snapping pictures in the world around them; a kind of Pokemon Snap done in the real world with actual items and/or animals.  Again, all just speculation but it is intriguing to think about.  Nintendo needs to come on strong with these kind of peripherals if the company wants to combat Sony's convergence plans with the PlayStation Portable.