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Contemplations On Majora's Mask

ZeldaHere's another dip into the Everything2 library in which two members of the VideoGames usergroup, MightyMooquack and malcster, have written very detailed essays about The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.  They discuss the basic structure of the game and provide a basic walkthrough, but the major points of interest are how the game diverges from the traditional Zelda formula and how strikingly weird the game can be at times.

Another masterful feature of the game is the way that each person in Clock Town, and many people outside of it, have completely worked out routines as to what steps they take and what they do for the 3 day cycle. This means that if you know where someone is at a particular time on a particular day, you can go there during that exact time on another 3 day cycle and they will still be there.

Clock Town is a masterpiece of choreography, with the builders building, the postman running around looking in the letterboxes, and little scripted events taking place (for example, hang around in North Clock Town at midnight, and you witness Sakon the thief mugging someone, who you can choose to help and get rewarded with the Bomb Mask). You could wander round the town just watching for hours, and the magic of the game never wears off.

You can always count on the VideoGames group at Everything2 to crank out quality essays such as this one.