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Capcom Apparently Caught In Time-Warp

Capcom is reporting that Capcom has released two new "greatest hits" collections in Japan for the PSOne: one disc loaded up with Ghosts 'n Goblins and its sequels and another with the 1942 line of shooters.  So what we have here are games from the 1980s released on a console from the 1990s.  I knew that Capcom took forever to release new material, but this is ridiculous.  They'd better hurry if they want to get that Strider Collection for the Nintendo 64 out in time.

But seriously, I love a good compilation disc if the material on that disc holds up to the test of time.  Last year's Mega Man Anniversary Collection was loads of fun, although the Game Boy Advance equivalent seems to have fallen down a bottomless pit; Capcom hasn't said a word about it in nearly a year now.  The amount of material that Mega Man had to offer was worth the purchase, but I can't see myself rushing out to pick up the 1942 trilogy.