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Another Sonic Collection?

SonicgemsSega has filed for a new trademark for something called "Sonic Gems Collection".  Could this be another Sonic Mega Collection?  There are a few Sonic games that haven't been released on a compilation disc yet, although most of them were worth skipping the first time around.  Sonic CD is probably the most infamous unreleased game mainly because it was supposed to be a part of Mega Collection but was removed before release due to emulation issues.  Knuckles Chaotix from the 32X days is another name that gets tossed around a lot, but typically during conservations about some of the worst Sega games ever made.  Is there a demand out there for revivals of Sonic R, Sonic Shuffle, or Sonic Jam's 3D features?  No word on what console this title is going to land on just yet.