Press Start
Stargate Coming To "All Major Systems"

A Little Introduction

Perhaps you're interested in just who I am.  Once again, I'm Matthew Green.  You may know me from my work at the Advanced Media Network where I review Nintendo GameCube games as a Product Analyst.  You could also know me from my work at the collaborative database Everything2 where I and the rest of the VideoGames usergroup have been cataloging a wide variety of video games from over the years, from Pac-Man to Super Back to the Future II to Metroid Prime and everything in between.

With writing about games comes - what else? - playing games.  I was first exposed to Nintendo in 1987 at the age of six when Nintendo of America contacted my father's foam production factory to produce the foam inserts to protect Nintendo Entertainment Systems during shipping.  As part of the deal he was sent a new NES complete with two controllers, Zapper, and the legendary Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt game pak, a set which fell to me.  For nearly a year that on-loan NES consumed me and after the deal fell through and the NES had to go back to Washington I saved up my money to buy my own NES and the classic game Bubble Bobble.  Over the years more games and more consoles came into my collection and famous characters have helped me through some difficult times, such as the time I escaped to Hyrule for days and days while confined to bed to await surgery.

There are plenty of other stories such as these, but they can wait for another time.  After all, if there's one thing that video games have taught us over the years is that you always save something for sequels.