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Support Your Local Game Shops

Ice LuigiMy girlfriend and I like to take trips around the state on weekends.  One of our favorite places to go is the touristy shopping areas of Orlando like Disney Springs, Universal Citywalk, and the Artegon Marketplace.  Unfortunately, on our last trip out there this past weekend, we discovered that Artegon has been shuttered, and while the big movie theater remains, the fun little local shops inside are long gone including our favorite small used video game shop.  This was a problem because my girlfriend had brought a stack of some used Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii games with us to trade in.  Purchased from a variety of GameStop locations over the years, the pile of Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and assorted anime-of-the-week games from the past decade were just taking up space on her shelf, and as the used game lifecycle tells us, that meant it was time for them to go.  We had planned to trade them in at Artegon, but with it no longer an option, what's a couple with a handful of nearly worthless games to do?  Take them to GameStop and trade them back for less than a pittance?  After all, a good local game shop is hard to find and nobody likes to feed the beast more than one absolutely must.

As luck would have it, we stopped for lunch at another shopping area on our way home and discovered Hudson's Video Games, a small local game shop with what it turns out are three locations in the central Florida area.  We found an impressive inventory of games for sale there ranging from early Atari 2600 to the more popular Nintendo Entertainment System into the 16-bit glory days through the rise of the Sony PlayStation past the Sega Dreamcast and all the way up to the small rack in the back for the Wii U.  They even had Game Boy, Game Gear, and TurboGrafx-16 games in stock.  A glass case kept the truly unique and expensive items safe from sticky little hands including complete boxed copies of NES games, modern console tournament-quality fightsticks, and Japanese import titles for the Famicom.

I'm giving them this shout out and plug here because they went above and beyond when buying her games.  The clerk checked out the offering, looked up some numbers, and mournfully said that he could only offer five dollars in store credit for the games which, in all honesty, we basically expected ("He's on to us!" I said to my girlfriend playfully when he told us our haul was essentially worthless).  It's not like we had Stadium Events here.  She suggested I take the store credit and buy a seven dollar Ice Luigi figurine from behind the counter for my growing desk menagerie of Nintendo characters.  We declared it a deal and I pulled out my wallet to pay the two dollar difference, but the clerk handed over Luigi and said to just take it as an even trade.  Can you ever imagine a GameStop clerk doing that?  So support your local game shops.  They have a more diverse inventory and will likely take better care of you.  Thanks again to Hudson's.  We'll stop in again the next time we're in town.