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LittleBigPlanet 3Sony is turning LittleBigPlanet 3 for the PlayStation 4 loose as one of its February 2017 free games for PlayStation Plus, and while it's more great fun for LBP fans, newcomers should heed the advice of Sackboy veterans who are familiar with the game's quirks and bugs.  It's frustratingly common that something could go wrong with your save data through no fault of your own.  It turns out that LBP 3 is a little, how should we say... frayed around the edges?  Over at Reddit, KlawwTheClown has some easy advice to help you steer clear of any mishaps.

Obviously when LBP 3 came out, it was terribly broken and almost unplayable for a lot of people, and a lot of the major problems have been fixed since then, but it's still far from perfect and it's really easy to accidentally have your profile become corrupted, or for your adventure mode save to permanently break.  I figure since a lot of new people are going to be playing LBP 3 soon, it's probably not a bad idea to point out some of the more common bugs that people run into, so hopefully you can avoid them.

The short version of this advice is to backup your save data often.  You'd think that's easy to do thanks to PlayStation Plus providing free automatic cloud storage for save data, but LBP 3 save data is notoriously huge if you collect enough stickers and objects (especially if you import your previous LittleBigPlanet profile into it).  I bought the game over a year ago on a super sale and while I had a lot of fun with it, the first thing I had to deal with was the sudden creation and attempted failed upload of a 600 MB profile!  Backing up to a USB drive became a necessity if I wanted to safeguard my data.  Just don't let these issues scare you away.  There's plenty of fun and creativity to be had here if you take proper precautions.