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Ultra Street Fighter IVCapcom is preparing another update to its Street Fighter IV line with a new $40 retail release and a $15 downloadable add-on to Super Street Fighter IVI've talked about Ultra Street Fighter IV before, but as we get closer to the game's release in June, outlets are starting to get their hands on the new content.  Mike Williams at USgamer has taken a look at what Ultra brings to the party and how despite the new characters and content, it feels like Capcom took the cheap way out and reused as many existing assets and designs as possible so as to not tax the game's budget.

They're solid additions to the cast, but honestly they feel like Capcom is phoning it in. All five characters have existed in some form elsewhere, with Capcom just bringing them along for the ride. Ultra features the same options and menus as its predecessor and even that breaks down in certain modes: in the preview build I played, Trial Mode only exists for the pre-Ultra characters. Ultra Street Fighter IV's platforms of choice increase the feeling that Capcom is just trying to wring that last bit of money from your dry wallet; despite the recent release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the publisher only gave the Street Fighter team enough money to launch on platforms that already hosted previous SFIVs.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm just not playing my PlayStation 3 as often as I did before I bought a PlayStation 4 and a Wii U.  While I was originally excited about this update, now I'm just kind of lukewarm about it.  Strange thing is, I'd buy the full priced retail release in an instant if it were available for the PS4.  I think it has something to do with the sharing functions available on that console and the refined PlayStation experience.  Going back to the PS3 feels like a step backward these days (and that's terribly unfair to a great generation of games gone by).  I'll probably still get around to the PS3 version of Ultra if that's truly where the series stays, but not for a while.