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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Kirk DouglasWe've been pointing and laughing at Chinese and Japanese pirated hacks of famous video games for years, but in the interest of multiculturalism let us turn to The Gameological Society which has published an article that points and laughs at African and Middle Eastern pirated hacks of famous video games.  Apparently it's common for western heroes like Robocop and Iron Man to appear in games in which they don't belong along with famous local figures.  Most puzzling, however, is a hack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that focuses on American actor Kirk Douglas.  There's something you don't see everyday!

Full disclosure: this article exists so I can tell you all about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Kirk Douglas. Just look at it! It’s exquisite. The game itself is as grand as the cover. It is San Andreas, with the load screens replaced by EXTREME closeups of Kirk Douglas—and occasionally his son Michael Douglas, because hey, close enough, right? In the game, the main character appears to be a rough approximation of Kirk Douglas. Oh, and all the missions have been removed, so there’s nothing to do.

It's always interesting to see how different cultures change the works of other cultures to better serve their local communities.  Activision would never release a Guitar Hero made up of, say, Bahasa rock and rap because hardly anybody in North America or Europe would buy it, but perhaps there's a market for it elsewhere.  Assuming those other markets would buy it and not pirate it, of course.  I'd think that if there were money to be made in those markets, Activision would find a way to be there already.