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StargateStargate SG-1 has never had much luck when it comes to crossing the medium line from television to video game.  Three different Stargate game projects have all come and gone without an actual full release (Last generation's team-based shooter The Alliance was canceled as it neared completion, the MMORPG Stargate Worlds collapsed under its own weight, and the traditional online shooter Stargate Resistance was discontinued almost as soon as it hit digital distribution sites), but perhaps this time things will be different as MGM and Arkalis Interactive have announced the upcoming adventure game Stargate SG-1: Unleashed.  Once again, the actors who portray the core SG-1 team are returning to perform voicework.  Here's a trailer:

While I was hoping that this game was in the works for home consoles, PC, or even the Sony PlayStation Vita, it's headed to the iOS App Store and Google Play.  It's a tablet app.  While adventure games can work on mobile hardware (adventure kings Telltale Games have made it work with their more recent releases), it's a shame that a property with the gaming potential of Stargate is being limited to mobile platforms.  However, I shouldn't be surprised.  MGM has chased gaming trends for years with all of its attempted Stargate games, then pulled its support from the developer of the week when that trend grew stale.  Shooters were all the rage last generation when The Alliance was in the works.  MMOs were hot stuff when Stargate Worlds was announced.  Now that mobile gaming is a big deal in the business world, why wouldn't MGM show up there to try and make some seemingly easy money?  Stargate deserves more than the App Store, but considering that it's been years since the last new adventure for the SG-1 team, I suppose I'll take what I can get.  The first episode of Unleashed is due to launch in March.