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Honor Yourself With Star Trek: Klingon

GowronHow much do you know about Klingon culture?  Star Trek's resident warriors hold honor and glory among high regard, and now you can too.  Back during the multimedia revolution of the mid-1990s, just about every popular television or movie property that had a high percentage of sci-fi fans in its base was on track to become an interactive point-and-click adventure using film clips to move the story along.  As nothing is ever truly forgotten on the Internet, AmigaOmega at YouTube has posted the main video track of 1996's Star Trek: Klingon interactive PC adventure as a single hour-long movie, so now you can study up on mastery of Klingon phrases, customs, body language, and even authentic Klingon delicacies.  Join the Leader of the Klingon High Council, Chancellor Gowron, as he guides you through Klingon culture as you team up with him for a blood oath to avenge the murder of your character's father.  It's heavy stuff (or just another day at the office if you're a true Klingon) and features a number of familiar faces from Star Trek during its Next Generation and Deep Space Nine heights.  Qapla'!

For more Star Trek PC adventures from this era, be sure to check out John deLancie's brilliant work as the omnipotent Q in Star Trek: Borg.