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Super Donkey Kong 99Pirated knock-offs of popular video games are nothing new, but it's always nice to point and gawk at classic unlicensed games designed to take a famous and profitable property associated with one game console and adapt it for a different console.  Consider this take on Nintendo and Rare's fabulous Donkey Kong Country for the Sega Genesis, for instance, which goes by the name Super Donkey Kong 99.  It's made of pieces and parts of the source games, but chopped up and broken down for competing hardware by a small group more interested in quick sales than quality.  Donkey Kong is the only playable character across ten levels taken from Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble.  Enemies are snatched up from across the trilogy and the music is mostly from Super Mario All-Stars (albeit in an off-key, truncated form), and while DK's jumping and barrel-tossing abilities are present, his trademark rolling attack is not included.  Like most pirated products, the game is incomplete even by its own standards, as the ending does not access the text that ends the story (for as much of a story as there is, anyway).  Thanks to YouTube user arronmonroe, you can watch all twenty minutes of Super Donkey Kong 99 action rather than suffer through it for yourself.  It's very nice when someone on the Internet takes one for the team.