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Mark Hamill On The Batman: Arkham Reunion

The JokerAfter saying goodbye to providing the wickedly iconic voice of The Joker for so many years in animated Batman productions in the 1990s, what was it that lured actor Mark Hamill back to the role for 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum and it's 2011 sequel, Arkham CityThe AV Club has a detailed interview with Hamill in which he discusses his career, and in addition to his work on Star Wars and The Simpsons, he goes into great detail regarding his work as the clown prince of crime.  Here's Hamill explaning just why he came back to the character when the call came for Arkham Asylum:

[W]hen they asked me back for the videogames, I had some trepidation, thinking, “Well, I thought that door was closed.” But everybody was coming back. Paul Dini wrote it, Kevin [Conroy] was coming back, and it was like a chance at a reunion. It was great fun to revisit such a rich character as The Joker. 

Of all the actors to play the role, Hamill is still my favorite.  However, if he is well and truly done with The Joker following the events of Arkham City, then I'd like to suggest John DiMaggio for all of our future Joker voice needs.  Check out his performance in Batman: Under the Red Hood to see why.  He mixes Hamill's manic laughter and unpredictability with Heath Ledger's Dark Knight malevolence and cruelty.  I would choose Hamill for the part each and every time, but in his absence, DiMaggio is the best option.