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PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleNow that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita are working their way to stores, the development studios behind the game have announced its upcoming downloadable content plans.  While free character costumes were a pre-order bonus, the real action is coming through new downloadable characters to be released early in 2013.  Kat from Gravity Rush and Starhawk's Emmett Graves are coming to the fight, but the best part of the deal is the price: free for a limited time.  Here's Seth Killian at the PlayStation Blog:

Yes, you heard that right. We’re very happy to announce these first two DLC characters will be free to everyone for the first two weeks once they are available for download early next year.

That may sound a little tricky, so let me be clear: once Kat and Emmett are finished, we’ll put them up for download. They’ll be totally free for two weeks. The only limit is that you have a two-week window to claim the characters. Once you have Kat and Emmett, they are yours forever. That may sound like a lot to remember, so don’t worry, we’ll be back closer to their release to remind you of all these details.

This is a tremendous deal that companies could stand to follow.  When Capcom's Marvel vs Capcom 3 downloadable characters Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath debuted for sale, they cost $5 each.  Then there's the controversial move of Street Fighter X Tekken locking away eight new playable characters behind a $20 paywall.  Now here's Sony and its partners giving away new characters for the first two weeks of availability.  That's how you thank and reward customers.  Hopefully certain other publishers take notice of this example when planning future DLC options.