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People like Ezio Auditore and Ratonhnhaké:ton get all the glory as the legendary heroes of the Assassins order, but my choice for unsung savior of the Assassins Creed franchise has to be Shaun Hastings.  He provides the Assassins with tactical information and relays messages between operatives, but his most laudable accomplishment is the ongoing maintenance of the Animus database which chronicles each major character and location in the Assassin's Creed world.  It's a joy to read Hastings's work, as he's clearly kind of bored of working on what's essentially an abridged encyclopedia and has inserted cynical wit into the data and even openly questions if anyone is reading his work.  He also had a knack for intentionally comical misinformation.  Check out this database entry from Assassin's Creed III in which Hastings explains the role of the Frontiersmen in the wilderness with an emphasis on the legendary Daniel Boone.  Somehow I think that Hastings has mixed up his fanciful tales here.  Keep up the great work, Shaun.  At least one person is reading your work (and is catching the references to popular science fiction that you throw!).