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Watch DogsUbisoft's E3 darling Watch Dogs isn't even an actual product yet, but that hasn't stopped the publisher from thinking about the future and putting its ducks in a row when it comes to turning the upcoming video game into a movie.  Game Informer reports that Ubisoft recently registered domains related to a hypothetical Watch Dogs film.

Ubisoft has purchased a number of domain names, all different variations of This is by no means an announcement of a film based on the game that has not even released yet. Ubisoft is probably just purchasing the domains as a, 'just in case Watch Dogs becomes a run-a-way success' preemptive measure.

After the strong reaction from critics and the gaming community in general for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft must be feeling very pleased with itself and is moving ahead with plans to position the upcoming title as a big tentpole release.  I'm typically against synergistic transmedia debuts for new properties (remember how Dead Space burst into existence fully formed back in 2008?), but I think that the overall positive response to Watch Dogs shows that there is a demand for media set in its detailed quasi-futuristic world.  I think it's much too soon for anyone at the company to commission Watch Dogs graphic novels and animated prequels, but I see no harm in Ubisoft considering plans for a Watch Dogs movie to be ready if the game succeeds.