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Catch Up On The E3 2012 Press Conferences

E3 2012 may be over, but thanks to the power of the Internet, we can go back and relive the five major press conferences hosted by the big shot video game publishers.  Marvel as Nintendo gets off to a rising start with Pikmin 3 and then slowly heads downhill into the underwhelming realm of third-parties! Thrill as Sony gives us a peek behind the curtain at upcoming titles like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, God of War: Ascension, and, erm, Wonderbook!  Wonder why Microsoft thinks that an extended performance by Usher is what the gaming media wants to see!  Be amazed as Ubisoft steals the spotlight with Watch Dogs!  And, finally, see Electronic Arts explain its philosophy regarding expandable games and downloadable content.  Thanks to the Internet, E3 never has to end!  Until, of course, it does.