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Playstation PlusSony's PlayStation Plus service offers some great content for the $50 annual fee, but an IGN report cites a marketing survey purportedly making the rounds that asks how the company could make the service better and how much you're willing to pay for the added perks.  The major new proposed additions include free access to new PlayStation 3 games (as in, digital versions of Blu-ray disc releases) and free access to Activision's Call of Duty Elite service.  Here's some of the story:

[T]he perks vary greatly plan to plan and include the number of games added a year, the quality of the game and the percentage of the discount. However, the survey also tested the way people would pay for PlayStation Plus. Clearly the three-month and annual prices change based on what's included, but the survey also offers a monthly option. Findley said that the survey included questions about committing to an annual subscription and then paying a monthly fee rather than the lump sum.

IGN has a screenshot of the alleged survey, so be sure to check that out to see some of the various options on the table.  It looks like Sony wants to raise the price of Plus by at least $10 per year.  I would be alright with that if the service included the aforementioned new PS3 games, but I have no interest in Call of Duty Elite.  I don't play Call of Duty, so bundling the premium Elite service in with Plus does nothing for me.  In fact, I see it in the same way that I see paying for ESPN with my cable television package despite the fact that I never watch it, yet must pay for it due to the way that my cable provider bundles channels.  If the Plus price goes up just because of the inclusion of Elite, I'd imagine there will be some unhappy subscribers out there.  From Sony's point of view, however, I can understand why the company would want to lock in the Elite service.  Microsoft has a deal with Activision that brings all Call of Duty expansions to the Xbox 360 ahead of other platforms, yet Elite is still a separate charge.  If Sony can boast that their platform offers free Elite access, it may bring a form of parity to the situation.