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Weekly Poll: End Of An Era

Weekly Poll for 12-05-2011There's an overwhelming lack of importance associated with the Spike Video Game Awards.  I've been saying all week that they don't mean anything to me, and yet while actually watching the awards, I found myself disputing the winners and wishing that the show were generally better.  So, in the end, I suppose the idea of the VGAs means something to me after all.  I loved the fun animated clips with, say, Portal 2's Wheatley accepting the nomination for the year's best character while begging to someone to help him get back to Earth and the Joker's moment at the podium as he accepted the aforementioned award.  Shigeru Miyamoto's moment on stage was wonderful to see.  There were fun bits in the VGAs.  Then Felicia Day grabbed cupcakes with her mouth for some reason.  For more on how the VGAs can be better, be sure to listen to Episode 71 of the Power Button podcast.

Speaking of Shigeru Miyamoto, last week's retirement scare has people talking about how Nintendo will move forward once he does inevitably leave the company.  I certainly don't want him going anywhere any time soon, but the fact remains that the day will come when his unique talents and creativity are no longer available to the development teams working on the next installments of Mario, Link, and Samus Aran.  Do you believe that Nintendo will be the same once Miyamoto departs?  Let's hear your thoughts.