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Press The Buttons - Episode 5: Cracked PlayStation, Meat Boy's Vacation, And 2011's Gaming Formation

PTB Episode 4

We're getting off to a rousing start for 2011 with this week's episode of the Press The Buttons show in which we dive head on into the relatively quiet news period coming off of the holidays.  First we bring you up to speed on the first strike in hacking the Sony PlayStation 3's private cryptography key, then we lament the loss of a WiiWare version of Super Meat BoyBack to the Future: The Game must be mentioned as well.  Turning to a discussion, my co-host Robert Alsbrook and I brainstorm a few titles that we're especially excited about this year, and then it's time to wrap it all up with a review of Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Nintendo Wii and our customary close-out.  Not bad for twenty-five minutes or so, right?  Head on over to IzonOrlando.com to see this week's episode.  If you missed an episode somewhere along the way, hit the archive to catch up on things.  If you really like what you see, spread the word and tell your friends and Internet buddies.  We need our audience to grow in order to keep producing new episodes.