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Pump Man, Strike Man, Chill Man, and Solar Man Step right up and take a gander at the last six Robot Masters of Mega Man 10.  Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed the remaining bosses that will be frustrating all of us come March.  Are you ready for Chill Man, Nitro Man, Blade Man, Solar Man, Strike Man, and Pump Man?  I certainly hope so, because they are ready for you.  Kombo has the descriptions and character artwork.

  • Pump Man, who has a water-themed shield weapon
  • Strike Man, who throws a powerful fastball
  • Chill Man, who fires an icy shot.
  • Solar Man, who absorbs attacks and attacks with solar energy from his head.
  • Sheep Man, who splits up and creates lightning strikes
  • Blade Man, who attacks with three swords
  • Nitro Man, who can transform into a motorcycle
  • Commando Man, who attacks with a powerful explosive wave

Just as with Mega Man 9's collection of Robot Masters, I'm seeing some... let's call them "design homages" to previous Mega Man villains in these new characters.  Strike Man and Blizzard Man have a basic shape and color scheme in common, while Chill Man gives off a Dynamo Man vibe.  Then there's Nitro Man's special ability that brings Turbo Man to mind.  Still, these look like a solid collection of characters and I look forward to blasting them to bits.