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Mad Dog McCreeIt's been about twenty years since I last heard the name Mad Dog McCree, who — as I really hope you don't recall — is the central figure of the eponymous Mad Dog McCree as developed by American Laser Games and IBM for such shining multimedia game consoles as the Phillips CD-i, Sega CD, and Panasonic 3DO as well as Windows & Macintosh computers after starting out in the arcade.  Coming from the same "oh wow, digital video is the future!" genre that brought us similar titles such as Sewer Shark and Night Trap, I think you'll realize why you've most likely never heard of this western shooter set against footage of bad acting, cheap props, and grammar errors ("If your fixing..."?  Really?).  Don't worry about having missed out though, as it's coming back for the Nintendo Wii courtesy of Majesco for no good reason.  Assuming that you can find it, of course.  Chris Kohler over at GameLife takes the updated version for a test drive and remarks over how most retailers aren't even bothering to carry it.

Unfortunately, I think it released it a bit late. Mad Dog McCreeprobably would have been a huge seller, say, when the Wii launched in 2006. Or when people were buying damn near anything in 2007. Now, with tons of Wii shovelware on the market and retailers being a lot more picky about what they stock, Mad Dog is out in the weeds.

Amazon doesn’t carry it. Nor Best Buy, nor Target. GameStop doesn’t carry it. In fact, GameStop currently only lists 595 Wii titles. The ESRB says it’s rated 1421 Wii titles. Since about 500 of those should be downloadable games, that means there’s, oh, 300 Wii games that the nation’s predominant games specialty retailer doesn’t even want to bother with.

Do you see what happens when you fail to buy a quality Majesco release like A Boy and His Blob?  The company backtracks to bring us budget-priced junk from gaming's Stupid Ages.  You have only yourself to blame if Majesco's next release is Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video: Twentieth-Anniversary Special Edition.

(Image of Sega CD version via MobyGames)