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Heroes NBC's once-darling show Heroes has been suffering from story problems for a long time, but every now and then it can still pull something delightful out of its battered hat.  Consider the recent episode "Once Upon a Time in Texas" in which protagonist Hiro Nakamura makes the case that he needs to travel back in time to save his now-dead girlfriend from her fate by declaring that she is "the Marle to my Crono!".  How much of the dwindling Heroes audience do you think caught that reference to Square's classic RPG Chrono Trigger?  The gag even works on several levels considering that the game revolves around adventures through time travel, although in Hiro's case he is actually the Marle to girlfriend Charlie's Crono in that his desire to travel back in time to save her contrasts with Marle's mission to revive Crono by mucking around with history after his death.  Despite its narrative issues, Heroes has to be one of the very few shows* currently on television that can toss in a joke about a niche Super NES title from 1995 and get away with it, particularly when Hiro is the one who says it.

* Another show that could do it?  The Big Bang Theory.