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Castlevania Music Remix Project Is One Damned Good Sonata

Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned I wasn't the only one with Castlevania music on the brain this past Halloween weekend, as music remix haven OverClocked Remix and Joshua Morse have come together to release a seven-track selection of remixed Castlevania tunes under the title "Sonata of the Damned" as a free download.  There's some nice selections in this collection that span twenty-plus years of the franchise, stretching all the way from the original 1987 Nintendo Entertainment System game to the Simon's Quest and Dracula's Curse sequels into Symphony of the Night and onward through Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia.

As if the Castlevania name needs introduction, this album is a tribute to the incredible music it has produced throughout its life. In fact, I find the music to be so incredible, that this is my 2nd effort in putting together an album dedicated to the series--the first was dedicated to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. From Kinuyo Yamashita to Michiru Yamane, the composers of this series have done a spectacular job in conveying the demonic atmosphere that Dracula and his minions convey, and I can only hope that I've done their work justice with my own.

The classic background music is reinterpreted as a mixture of funk, Latin and jazz styles, meaning that you've never heard Castlevania quite like this.  Set aside thirty minutes and hear what "Sonata" has to offer.  The collection even includes my own personal favorite franchise tune, "The Silence of the Daylight".  Here, take a listen to Morse's similarly titled "The Solace of the Daylight" for yourself.