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AMN Launches Sports Joystick

Sports Joystick The Advanced Media Network (you know, Kombo's parent company) is expanding in a new direction today as we launch our latest initiative, Sports Joystick.  This new site has an aim on sports video games and covers everything from the hardcore Madden crowd to the casual Wii Fit player.

On behalf of the Advanced Media Network and in partnership with Kombo.com, I would like to introduce the Beta launch of Sports Joystick. Sports Joystick is a sports-gamer's dream come true. As a fully focused informational portal that gives sports fans and gamers in-depth news, previews, reviews daily, SportsJoystick.com's unique perspective on coverage allows our specific audience to fully appreciate their needs and anticipations at the same time.

Put down the ball, step off the balance board, and check out AMN's new endeavor.  Today's stories include news from the world of soccer, summer games, football, extreme sports, and other digital recreations of activities that lead to broken bones and injuries.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I shall retire to my comfortable recliner and sip from a cool glass of ice water.  Outside is overrated anyways.