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June 09, 2006


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» Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's from Games And Gadgets
They are making a Monopoly game, with Nintendo charecters! It looks pretty sweet! You can read more here [Read More]

» Monopoly: Nintendo Collectors Edition Revealed from Urban Retro Lifestyle - Urban Art, Vinyl Toys, Urban Music, Retro Art, Retro Video Games and more
This has been a long time coming. Monopoly is probably the most famous board game ever created and has had plenty of special editions. The good news for Nintendo fans is that they have arranged the license to create Monopoly, the Nintendo Collector ... [Read More]

» Nintendo + Monopoly = w00t from Teh Jay's Blog
USAopoly is releasing a Nintendo branded version of Monopoly!  This is just so cool!  You will be able to play with items such as Marios hat, Donkey Kongs barrel, the Koopa Troopa shell, a Hylian shield, Links boots, and the clas... [Read More]

» links for 6-11-2006 from m
Nintendo-themed Monopoly Motorola Razr II (codename: Canary). While the Motorola Razr has sort of a Star Trek Tricorder look to it, the upcoming Razr II has a very classy look to it. Since my contract comes up in July, I'm... [Read More]

» Coming Soon: Nintendo Monopoly from Kotaku
I haven't played Monopoly since a strategically necessary stick-up of the Monopoly bank resulted in me coughing up bloody Community Chest cards and a large cardboard 'v' uncomfortably splaying open my posterior. Still, I'm sorely tempted by Monopoly: N... [Read More]

» Nintendo Monopoly und NES Controller Handy from Dominiks Seite
Mal wieder ein bisschen Nintendo Stuff: USAopoly entwickelt ein Nintendo Monopoly mit Super Mario, Donkey Kong und Zelda Elementen und DIY:happy hat ein Nokia 3200 in einen Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Controller eingebaut :-) ... [Read More]

» Monopoly: Nintendo collectors edition from New Launches
Mario and his friends are coming out the screen to provide you endless entertainment with the Monopoly: Nintendo collectors edition. Instead of the boring 5th avenue, Wall street you get Nintendo-themed characters and elements, such as Slippy Toad, Pri... [Read More]

» Le Monopoly Nintendo from La rivière aux canards
Voilà une initiative qui restera certainement de l'autre côté du Pacifique (ou de l'Atlantique depuis la France !). Nintendo America est vraiment une autre compagnie que celle du Japon ! Et je rappelle que le premier métier de Nintendo, c'était [Read More]