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Politicians, ESA Engage In War Of The Words

Hidden sex mode in Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasAll of the pressure building up behind the Grand Theft Auto "Hot Coffee" sex mini-game finally burst today as Senator Hillary Clinton held a press conference against the game while ESA's Doug Lowenstein released a letter in favor of the ESA's track record.  Somewhere in the middle of this lawyer Jack Thompson issued a statement personally attacking Lowenstein's character and business track record.

After reading these statements and remembering how all persons involved here have their own agendas (presidental bid, selling video games, and making money via lawsuit against video games), I've come to the conclusion that everyone involved here are just puffing out their chests and feeding their egos.   Let's settle the Hot Coffee issue right now: Clinton goes back to Congress and targets something that needs targeting, Lowenstein goes back to work, and Thompson just goes home.  I'll say this one more time in case you missed it: parents should pay attention to the ESRB rating on game boxes and raise their children themselves; it is not the government's place to "protect" Little Billy from games, movies, books, or other material that has been suitably labeled as not suitable for children.

Say, whatever happened to the 25 To Life controversy?  Oh, right, that was last week's moral outrage.